Eucharistic Ministers:
The Eucharistic celebration is the summit and source of the Church’s life and central to our Christian belief. Whenever Catholics gather today, through the actions of breaking and sharing the bread and passing the cup, we remember Jesus and His great sacrifice of self-giving for all of us. Just as at Emmaus the two disciples recognized Jesus in the breaking and sharing of the bread, we too are called to do the same. In this great sacrament, we, the many, are fed with Jesus’ own Body and Blood, and are made one in the Lord. That sharing brings us into communion with Christ and with each other.

As a Eucharistic Minister, you are called from the community to serve the community, assisting the priest in carrying out his ministry. You should seek to understand the deep spiritual meaning of what to do, foster your own devotion to the Eucharist and show a sincere love for Christ’s Mystical Body, God’s holy people.

Ministers of the Word (Lectors)
Romans 10:16 “But it is in that way faith comes, from hearing, and that means hearing the word of Christ." (NJB)

God’s plan of salvation is revealed to all who listen when the sacred scriptures are proclaimed. In his writing, With Burning Hearts, Roman Catholic priest, Henri Nouwen states, "When we say that God’s Word is sacred, we mean that God’s Word is full of God’s presence…Often we think about the Word as an exhortation to go out and change our lives. But the power of the Word, lies, not in how we apply our lives after we have heard it, but in its transforming power that does its divine work as we listen." Fr. Nouwen believed that reading and listening to the Word of God aids in the transformation of a believer from a ‘self’ centered to a ‘God’ centered focus.

The Minister of the Word, or lector, adds sound to the written Word of God that enables God’s presence to come to those who listen. Those who serve in this ministry must be able to proclaim the written Word in a way that is audible, understandable and meaningful. Prayer and reading of the Bible privately on a regular basis are important, especially for those in this ministry. One should seek to continually grow in his/her knowledge and love of the Sacred Scriptures.

Ministers of Hospitality (Usher)
The usher’s ministry is that of ‘official’ host – someone whose presence, conversation and actions speak a genuine desire that all who come to this liturgical celebration feel welcome and at ease. It is their responsibility to attend to the needs of those who gather with hospitality and caring, creating an atmosphere not only of friendliness and community, but also reverence and solemnity.

Although the role of an usher at All Saints is primarily that of host, you are also a participant, singing, praying and listening with everyone as a member of the worshipping community. Other duties include assisting in seating people when necessary, collection of monetary offerings, and guidance of the offertory and communion processions.

Music Ministry
Music has a unique and indispensable role to play in the celebration of a faith community. Music in liturgy is itself a form of prayer. If done well, it adds beauty and more deeply engages the senses and spirit of the faithful.

Ministers of music foster a spirit of active participation of those gathered for worship. Their purpose at All Saints is to lead, support, and enrich the sung prayer of the assembly, and bring a sense of celebration to the liturgy. Opportunities available in the music ministry are as choir members, song leader, organist, or other instrumentalist.

A server carries out the dual roles of example to our community and assistant to the Celebrant. Being a server requires reverence, knowledge, dedication, and a love of God and the Church. The ministry of server also requires a certain level of maturity, leadership and understanding of the liturgy. Boys and girls at All Saints begin their preparation at the end of the 4th grade. Adults, both men and women are welcome to this ministry.


General Intercessions
Matt: 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you; search and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.” (NJB)

The common prayer of the gathered community is important to the liturgy and the life of the Church. As a people of faith, we together turn to God who supplies all our needs. We unite in prayer for the intentions of the universal Church, the world, the poor and the sick, our local community and parish, and for those who have died.

With confidence that our prayers will be answered, we recall Jesus’ words in Matt. 18:19-20: “In truth I tell you once again, if two of you on earth agree to ask anything at all, it will be granted you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three meet in my name, I am there among them.” (NJB)

At All Saints various people are on a rotation schedule to prepare the general intercessions that will be prayed at the weekend and Holy Day liturgies. We use resources supplied by the parish and/or compose prayers of our own. Generally one or two people cover a month at a time.


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