A Message from Father David:

Protocol for Re-Opening for the Public Celebration of Mass:

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Protocol for Resuming Public MassMessage from Father David

Posted by All Saints Catholic Parish Berlin, WI on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Following paragraph is an excerpt from Bishop Hying as he laid out his rationale and approach for return to public Mass:  [Given the lifting of civil restrictions in most counties of our diocese, some may ask why we are adopting a gradual approach to reinstituting Masses with significant restrictions present. The answer lies in the fact that COVID-19 cases continue to emerge in the state and there is still a very real danger of infection without adequate care; therefore, we want to be prudential in light of public health concerns. To simply emerge from these weeks of physical distancing without any gradualism would be irresponsible. Our hope is that our elderly and at-risk faithful people will exercise prudence in attending Mass – especially given the current dispensation from the Sunday obligation.  But we do want to begin enabling people to participate in the Eucharistic sacrifice, the central experience of Catholicism, which we have all sorely missed in these challenging weeks of the pandemic.]
Returning to public Mass:
Sunday Mass 
  • The recommendation that has been given all along still applies:  “If you do not feel well, think you may have been exposed to the virus, have an immune system that is already compromised, or still feel uncomfortable being with large groups, stay home.  The dispensation given by the Holy Father in Rome and the Bishop is still in place and permits one to be absent from Mass for a justifiable reason.
  • We are required to limit capacity to 25% of the church occupancy limit, which equates to 162 parishioners
  • We will be adhering to social distancing guidelines of 6 ft. Parishioners are free to wear masks if they wish, but must provide their own.
  • Enter the church only through the carport doors.
  • A count of people as they enter the carport doors will be necessary.  As difficult as this is, please be understanding if the capacity has been reached prior to your arrival and you are asked to attend the next Mass.  Remember the dispensation from Pope Francis for truly not being able to attend remains in place.
  • There will be a hand sanitizing station located at the entrance.  Please sanitize as you enter.  We also encourage you to bring your own pocket sized hand sanitizer if you have one availableWe encourage you to bring your own mask should you wish to wear one, but it is not required. 
  • Please follow the signs and usher’s instructions as you enter church.  Seating must take place immediately – there can be no congregating or clustering in the gathering space before or after Mass.
  • Enter the worship space through the middle doors which will be opened for you.
  • Seating will be in every other pew.  Pews will be marked with 6ft. social distancing in mind. (with Blue stars)
  • Obviously, families and couples of the same household may sit together with no spacing.  Outside of that, 6ft. spacing should be maintained.
  • Touchable things such as misselettes, chairs, pamphlets, etc, have been removed.
  • If you need to leave the worship space during Mass for any reason, please exit through the doors that have remained propped open.
  • The collecting of your monetary gifts to God will be done with the long handled baskets.
  • The one single use bathroom will be open for use by both genders.  There will be disinfectant wipes and basic instructions in the bathroom.
  • There will be no singing by the congregation. All singing will be done by the cantor.

Holy Communion

  • Father, Deacon, and the Eucharistic Minister will be distributing communion.  They will be required to wear face masks.
  • They will come to you, please remain in your pew.
  • It is strongly recommended that you receive communion in the hand to be respectful to your Catholic brothers and sisters.
Departing after Mass
  • When Mass is over, an usher will dismiss the assembly pew by pew, starting in the back.
  • Please exit the worship space through the middle doors.
  • Exit the gathering space through the front doors. 
  • Please note you will not be able to congregate in the gathering space after Mass. We ask that you keep the line moving as you leave. Feel free to talk in the parking lot after Mass is over.
  • If you are using a wheelchair or walker, you may exit out the car port side doors.
  • If you would like to receive a printed bulletin, ushers will be handing them out as you exit the gathering space.
Weekday Mass
  • Please follow the guidelines listed for weekend Mass – following the social distancing guidelines of 6ft.
  • Will be held beginning and ending at usual times.  While music /songs / liturgy may be modified, the actual Benediction /Divine Praises will still take place.
  • All the rules of Mass attendance will apply.  Other specifics will be shared with the funeral director and family at that time.
  • All the rules of Mass attendance will apply.  Other specifics will be discussed with the bride and groom /family prior to the wedding date.
Parish Office
  • Office will be staffed Tuesday-Friday from 8am to 4pm.
  • For now, please continue to use the phone in the hallway to communicate with the receptionist.  If it’s necessary to enter the offices, the door will be opened for you.


  • Scrip will be available to purchase Monday through Friday, 8am to 1pm at the school office.
  • If you wish to order online and pick up at church please contact the school office to make arrangements. The school phone number is 1-920-361-1781.