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Who We Are

The Church teaches that everyone is created and loved by God and called to share in his own blessed life. God desires each and every person to seek Him, to know Him, and to love Him with all their being. We believe that this spiritual journey is for everyone, regardless of where they are at in their spiritual life, their struggles, successes or failures. We believe when Christ founded His Church on Peter the Rock, He desired for it to be a home for all people -a community that welcomes and accompanies every person along the path of life. We ask that as members of All Saints Parish, you walk with us on that journey of faith and be open to what God is doing in your life.

To be a member of this Catholic parish is to enter into Holy Communion with those who are on that same spiritual journey, and to help us invite others to join us. Like the Magi following the Christmas star at Epiphany, together, we pursue the Light of Jesus Christ, in whom our brokenness is healed, our desire for love is fulfilled, and life’s purpose is found.

We are happy and blessed to have you complete this registration information and become formal members of All Saints Catholic Church, where together, we can grow in the Spirit.

God Bless,
Father David Greenfield

For Events/What's New

Here’s a few of many exciting events we have coming up in our Parish.

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LIVE Nativity

We are truly excited to bring something new to our Catholic Community this Christmas season which we hope will become an annual tradition for years to come. It’s our first LIVE Nativity!

Ever set up a nativity and wonder what each of the characters were thinking? We are going to make the Nativity Scene come to Life and we invite you to come participate as this amazing story unfolds with each character from Mary, Joseph, and the Shepard’s as they gaze at the newborn child, together in the stable. DECEMBER 16th 2-7PM 

Our LIVE Nativity will be located outside the First National Bank in the Old Depot Parking Lot. (140 W. Huron St. Berlin)

We will need Help in Making this LIVE Nativity come to Life. Calling all Youth and Adults within our community that would love to take part and help in a performing part in the LIVE nativity, simple stage help, costumes, and help to construct the manger scene too. If you would LOVE to be part of this exciting experience, please contact Jana Dahms at our All Saints Parish Office (920) 361-5252.

Who We Are

All Saints Berlin Catholic School is located in Berlin, WI within the Catholic Diocese of Madison. St. Micheal’s Oratory is the home to our K-8th grade students. The former rectory of St Michael’s houses our Preschool for children ages three, four, and five.