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A Moment with the Bishop – Video Series

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A Letter for Catholics…from your new Bishop…

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
            Rejoicing in the love of the Lord Jesus which never fails us, I greet you, the priests, religious, deacons, and lay faithful of the Diocese of Madison as your new sheperd! I am enthused, grateful, and happy to be with you in this spirtual adventure of proclaiming the Gospel to every creature and make disciples of all nations. As we continue to mourn the recent death of Bishop Morlino, we gratefully acknowledge the leadership, sacrifice and dedication of him and all those who have gone before us, the servants of Christ who planted the seed of the Good News in the rich soil of southern Wisconsin.
            My deepst desire is to love and serve you, as we ask for the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s annointing to lead us ever more deeply into the love of Jesus Christ and the Heart of the Father. I want to visit every parish, school, institution, and religious house as soon as I can. How I would enjoy sitting down in every kitchen to share a cup of coffee, walking every farm in the softness of an autum day and meeting every single member of our beloved Diocese in an encounter of love, joy, and faith in God! I pray that it all happens, one visit at a time.
The Lord has entrusted to us the rich treasure of the Catholic Faith so that we can both live our identity as beloved children of God to the full and share that relationship with everyone we meet. Like the saints, we are called to so fall in love with God and be so profoundly transformed into a new creation, that we can help build a civilization of life, truth, love mercy and peace. Jesus Christ is the passion, purpose, meaning, and inspiration of our existence, and when we give ourselves completely to His saving mission, we fulfill our vocation in the world.
            I come to you as a fellow-believe, a servant, a sheperd, one who has experienced the love, mercy, and forgiveness of Christ, one who has heard the call of the Lord to follow the path of the Gospel, even to southern Wisconsin. In many ways, coming to Madison is like returning home. My father and his family grew up on farms in Iowa and Grant Counties, I have many relatives here, and I hold the wonderful memories of visits to my grandparents’ farm outside of Highland. I love the goodness of the people, the beauty of the rolling hills, vibrancy of the state Capitol. Our Diocese contains the interesting synthesis of the lively government, respected higher education, agricultural flourishing, urban sophistication, and small town charm.
            In the stories of the many immigrants who settled this verdant land, we see the narrative of America’s hope and promise. People arriving here from distant shores carrying little more than their faith in God and a desire for a better life. Catholics who built churches, schools, and convents to pass on their belief to future generations of Americans. Your history and my history are inextricably bound up in this broader narrative of God’s love and our forbears’ fidelity. Now is our turn to add a chapter of grace received, forgiveness embraced, faith practiced, and the Gospel proclaimed as we answer Christ’s ringing yet peacefull call to follow Him.
            In the love of the Lord Jesus and under the mantle of the Blessed Mother,
            Bishop Donald Hying

For Events/What's New

Here’s a few of many exciting events we have coming up in our Parish.

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Registration is NOW Open for the 2019-2020 School Year.

You can easily register your child(ren) online by clicking on the link below or picking up a form in our gathering space at church, fill out the form and return it to the church office with religious education fees. Forms and fees are due when classes begin Wednesday, September 11th.

2019-2020 Fees

Grades K – 8

$50 per child (Parishioner)

$100 per child (non-parishioner)

9th-10th Grade Confirmation Students

$100 per student


Kindergarten – 5th grade will meet from 3:30pm – 5:00PM

6th – 8th Grade will meet 6:00 – 7:30PM


For more information – please see the Religious Education Tab above at the top of the website or call our parish office at 920-361-5252. Office Hours are: Tuesday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:00PM





Join us for the Color Run – Sunday, October 6th at All Saints Catholic Parish. Check in time will begin at 11:30am and the run will begin promptly at 12:30PM. Our Color Run is an untimed event and has no winners or prizes. It emphasizes fun over competition. It is free and open to families, adults and children. They are free to run, jog, slog (slow jog) or walk along the one mile course.

The Color Run event is FREE, but you must Register for the event:

Please fill out one form for each child participating:

Child participation form: Athletic-and-Sporting-Events—Parental-Guardian-Consent-Form-and-Liability (1)

Adult participation form: Adult-Hold-Harmless-Indemnity-Agreement (1)

For the safety of our participants and animal friends, we will not allow animals to take part in our run. Signs will be posted, asking runners to keep to the left on the “track”. We recommend that you wear the brightest white to show off ALL the colors… but don’t let that discourage you from going crazy with the brightest accessories you can find. Be adventurous! Create themes with your friends and/or families with crazy socks, sunglasses or tutus! The more white you wear at the beginning, the more color you’ll see on your clothes at the end. Deck yourself out in bright white, wear your sunglasses and bandana. Run through the awesome clouds of color. The run will begin with a color toss, where color packets will be thrown into the air by the participants. Two color blasters will also be used during this portion. The color toss will provide great photo ops for observers who want photos. After the color toss, participants will proceed along the designated one mile course to the finish line. They will pass four color stations set up along the route. Each station is associated with a different color. Using squeeze bottles, volunteers will cover the participants with brightly colored powder as they pass each station. The final station in our run will be a glitter station. Join Us! We’ve Got You Colored!! 


COLOR RUN QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Is the Color Dust environmental friendly? The Color Dust is environmental friendly. No ecological hazards are associated with this product. It can be easily washed or blown from event areas. Is the Color Dust safe? The Color Dust we are using is safe, non-toxic and completely washable! The powder is a non-toxic, non-rash-inducing colored corn starch. It was tested for health and flammability. Will the Color Dust wash out of my hair? The color dust dye is made of colored cornstarch and is designed to be 100% washable. If you have light-colored hair, or if it’s expected to be rainy or a particularly humid day when you participate in a color run event, we suggest adding some leave-in conditioner. You can wear a bandana. Will the Color Dust wash out of my clothes? The Dye we use is completely safe and will wash out of your clothes, but we don’t do your laundry so results may vary depending on detergent, temperature, etc. For this reason we recommend you wear stuff that you don’t mind getting a little colorful. COLOR RUN TIPS Sunglasses If you have sensitive eyes wear sunglasses to keep the color out of your eyes. If you plan on getting doused with powder. Clean Up Bring garbage bags or towels to cover your car seats for the trip home. Bring babywipes to clean up. There is a good chance that you might not want to ride home covered head to toe in colored powder. You may want to bring extra clothes. Cell Phones Bring a small sandwich bag or waterproof case if you plan on bringing your phone with you during the run. Otherwise, you might want to bribe someone to take pictures for you. We will provide sandwich bags for cell phones. We will not be responsible for any damage to cell phones. If you have questions please contact Carol Fehring Phone: 920.229.4590 Email: cmazzei1944@yahoo.com

Who We Are

All Saints Berlin Catholic School is located in Berlin, WI within the Catholic Diocese of Madison. St. Micheal’s Oratory is the home to our K-8th grade students. The former rectory of St Michael’s houses our Preschool for children ages three, four, and five.