Diocesan Assessment

The Diocese of Madison encompasses 104 parishes in the 11-county area of southwestern Wisconsin. We are one of the many parishes in the Diocese of Madison and are responsible for diocesan ministries and projects, such as the formation of future priests. As one of these parishes, we are assessed an annual fee from our Diocese to do our part to pay for these programs. When this fee is equally divided among all registered parish families, we ask that each registered family contribute $75/annually to help pay for this Diocesan Assessment fee. Using the designated green envelope in your monthly envelope packet labeled “Monthly Diocesan Assessment” will help us direct the funds to pay this annual fee. To submit your contribution through our Pushpay Online Giving link: https://pushpay.com/g/allsaintsberlin

You will receive an email address and phone number in which you use to setup your online giving account. Please call our parish office if you need assistance. 920-361-5252