ASCS Instructional Staff

Principal Mrs. Jana Dahms  Ext. 201

Education: Marian University (Working on completion of Masters in Educational Leadership) 

Why do you like working in education? I enjoy being able to have a positive impact on todays youth, while creating life long relationships with each student influenced by our faith.

What do you like about All Saints? All saints is a family, faith based environment  which continues to grow in our community. Our staff continues to strive for excellence in academics meanwhile keeping correlations with the families of ASCS. Together we all work towards becoming children God.

Learn about Mrs. Dahms:  “She is a highly motivated individual who is known for spending many hours in school or at the parish putting her time and hard work for the good of the Lord. Jana enjoys spending time with her 4 children and her husband being outside or at the  various activities her kids participate in. Somehow managing all of her time extremely well she able to find time sleep at night! What a busy lady!” -Anonymous

Admin. Assistant Ms. Krista Sobieski Ext. 202

Education: Fox Valley Technical College and UW-Milwaukee

Why do you like working in education? I love the idea of being able to watch children grow and learn while working with families and staff to assist them in making a vital difference in the work they do raising and teaching children. 

What do you like about All Saints? I enjoy the family atmosphere of the school and how connected the families are with the staff. It is nice to work in an environment where everyone is respected for what they do and in the areas they excel. 

Learn about Mrs. Sobieski: She loves to spend time with her children and husband and going on vacations! She also loves to write and hopes to one day become a published author. 

PS3 / K-8 Art Mrs. Sandy Shapiro  Ext. 213

4K Mrs. Carolyn Redington  Ext. 212

4K Teacher Assist. Mrs. Samantha Hess  Ext. 212

Grade One Mrs. Diane Trochinski  Ext. 204

Education: UW-Oshkosh

Why do you like working in education? Getting to know and work with my students. Teaching, seeing students light up with each little success.

What do you like about All Saints? Teaching with God and Jesus at the center of everything all day, everyday. The family atmosphere, small school environment and caring, friendly staff.

Learn about Mrs. Trochinski: She enjoys walking with her dog, spending time with her family. Her hobbies and interests include gardening and canning.

Grade Two  Mrs. Melinda Ahasay  Ext. 211

Education: UW-Eau Claire 

Why do you like working in education? I love seeing students get excited about learning. There is nothing better than the enthusiasm and happiness of finding out something new and seeing the joy of success in a student’s face.

What do you like about All Saints? I have the ability to share my faith and love of God everyday. The students know they are children of God and we are all loved. This makes a great learning environment. 

Learn about Mrs. Ahasay: She is an avid reader, she loves to travel and music makes her happy. If she can do all three with a group of friends, or family, life is good! She also believes being a grandma is one of life’s greatest blessings!

Grade Three Mrs. Mary Jo Pick   Ext. 206

Education: UW-Oshkosh 

Why do you like working in education? In high school I began mentoring young kids at our local elementary school so that is what pushed me into a career in education. I enjoy helping students learn new things and finding creative ways to do that. 

What do you like about All Saints? I enjoy the small school atmosphere where it feels more like a family than a school. I am able to give my students more one on one attention with smaller class sizes too. 

Learn about Mrs. Pick: Spending time with my family.

Grade Four Mrs. Heather Kurczek  Ext. 207

Education: Ripon College and Marian University 

Why do you like working in education? I like working in education because I like to see the excitement of seeing students grow academically, spiritually, emotionally and so much more! I want to make a positive difference in the lives of our younger generation.

What do you like about All Saints? I like that I can integrate faith into everyday learning. We are all part of a family at All Saints Catholic School. I love being a model and share my love of God with my students to help build the Kingdom of God here and now. We really are at the hands and feet of Jesus.

Learn about Mrs. Kurczek: Outside of school, she enjoys spending time with her family. They enjoy hiking at State Parks together. She also enjoys running the schools athletic program for the students at All Saints and attending the athletic events.

5th and 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies: Mrs. Julie Carriveau  Ext. 208

Education: UW-Lacrosse and Marian University

Why do you like working in education? It is never a dull day. I love helping and interacting with the students and staff. We learn from each other!

What do you like about All Saints? I love that it feels like we are part of one big family. Everyone, young and old know and help each other. I especially love how after taking seven years off, it feels like I never left. It’s also a blessing to be at the same school as my kids. 

Learn about Mrs. Carriveau: She likes to go on walks, especially in nature. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys gardening and reading too! Although some days have struggles, there is no place she would rather work because the support and knowledge is amazing!

Middle School Math and Religion Mrs. Diane Emmrich  Ext. 210

Education: UW-Oshkosh

Why do you like working in education? I have always enjoyed teaching middle school youth, especially teaching math. 

What do you like about All Saints? I have always enjoyed the support of our parents. 

Learn about Mrs. Emmrich: Her hobbies include gardening, flowers, cooking and baking. She looks forward to spending any free time with her children and husband.

Middle School Science  Mrs. Susan Cason  Ext. 209

Middle School Language Arts/Reading Specialist  Mrs. Jill Jensen  Ext. 208

Education: Beloit College & UW-Oshkosh 

Why do you like working in education? I love learning with my students. It’s a joy to read, write, listen, laugh, cook and pray with these students. My favorite thing is that “ah-ha” moment when a student realizes that they can do it!

What do you like about All Saints? We are blessed because God can be a part of every class and any lesson. It’s wonderful to talk about Him and try to live out His teachings. When we are all together at all school mass or when I see students at weekend mass I am truly happy. 

Learn about Mrs. Jensen: She loves to travel and see new places. Taking their bikes they like to pack up the camper and head out. Trying new foods, seeing different parts of the state and visiting orchards are all on top of her family’s list of favorite things to do. Mrs. “J” as known to many is thankful for the Parish and school staff families who work so hard to make the school a special place to learn and grow in God’s love. 

Health / Physical Education  Mr. Andrew Wagner

Music/Fine Arts Mrs. Jamie-Lynn Kraft  Ext. 215

Maintenance / Custodial   Dan Tessaro  Ext. 217