We’re using Flocknote! Hopefully you already received a “Flocknote” email from our parish office team this last week introducing you to this great communication tool. The Diocese of Madison is encouraging parishes to use this new tool to communicate with parish members. We will be able to connect with our parishioners and school families at a moment’s notice via email or text message. Many are not on Facebook, so having a way to email messages to our groups and parish members will be extremely helpful to continue to keep us connected, especially during these times of COVID-19.

Please know that your information is safe, and Flocknote does not “own” your information. You can add yourselves to any groups and manage the messages you want to get from groups that you may participate in, such as the Usher Group or the Ministry Groups we will be building. You may also choose to “unsubscribe” at any time, although we hope you will want to stay connected with us to know everything going on in our parish community through newsletters, updates, and upcoming events. You didn’t get the email?? No worries!

We are also in the process of updating our ParishSoft database along with our Parish Directory. Please take a moment to complete this form https://forms.gle/qNg5Z9xjC2iqcNMbA   to update your contact information so we have your current information on file. It’s important that you fill out this form even if you don’t have email or you’re not getting your picture taken as this will give you the opportunity to specify what information you want included (or NOT included) in our updated Parish
Directory. This information will only be used to keep our parish software system up to date, to send out church generated communications (including the new Flocknote tool described above), and be published in our parish directory. By default, we will include everyone’s home address, primary phone number, and email address currently on file unless
we hear otherwise from you. If you cannot access the Google Form, please call the office, and we will be happy to do the updates over the phone. Thank you!