Hygiene Guidelines 

All Saints is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all who enter the church complex. Therefore, all who attend formation should comply with the parish hygiene policy. 

  • Physical Contact: Parish catechetical leaders, catechists, and volunteers will avoid physical contact with students and encourage students to maintain appropriate social distancing. 
  • Hygiene Reminders: The DRE and catechists will regularly (at the beginning of each class) remind youth of the importance of hygiene policies (e.g., handwashing, not touching faces, and proper sneezing, coughing, and talking in a way that does not spread germs). All Saints will have visible signage outlining these hygiene reminders inside the designated restrooms that will be utilized. 
  • All Saints will have sanitizing stations at the entrances of the building as well as outside the classrooms and bathrooms for ease of repeated use. 
  • Handwashing: All adults and students should sanitize hands as they enter a classroom, after using the restroom, before and after consuming any food, and after any outside/ free times. 
  • Students in faith formation programs will not share writing/drawing materials. Each student will be provided a case of their own and assigned workbook materials for their personal use. 

Bibles will be provided for in class use, but not given to keep. It is viewed that with a week of time between each bible use, students will be free of possible exposure of any germs from the week prior. If you should have a concern with the use of bibles, we recommend that your child will bring his or her own bible to use for each class to use as a reference and study material as we discuss in class.


     Food Safety Guidelines 

  • Snacks: All Saints will provide a pre-packaged snack item at Faith Formation Classes. The DRE or volunteer will distribute any food items or drinks to the youth.  No individual serving (self-serve) will be permitted. When distributing the food items, masks and proper gloves will be worn by the adult. For food safety reasons, no outside food items will be permitted to be brought in or shared with the class until further notice. However, if your child has a food allergy or special dietary need you may send a snack along with the child. Please inform the DRE of any individual dietary needs or allergies prior to the start of our scheduled sessions – September 16th.
  • Refreshments for Confirmation Students (Sunday): Refreshments will continue to be provided for the Confirmation class students, however these items will not be self-serve. The DRE and Confirmation Lead Teacher, with use of proper handwashing, gloves and mask, will distribute refreshments as youth arrive from 8:15AM to the start of class at 8:30AM, should the student wish to partake. 

Note: Once the Snack time has concluded, youth will sanitize their hands and the classroom teacher will quickly sanitize the chairs and tables before they start the teaching lesson.  


  • Sharing Food: Youth are not permitted to share food or drinks while at the parish. 
  • Adults and Students will not be permitted to use the public water fountains. They are unavailable at this time. 
  • Water Bottles: All Students (K-9th) must bring their own pre-filled reusable or individual water bottles (labeled by name) to drink water.  If a child should for some reason forget their water-filled bottle for the day, there will be disposable paper cups available that your child can use for that class period to have a drink of water. 


Cleaning Guidelines 

  • All Saints parish staff/catechetical leaders and volunteers are fully committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all who enter the church complex by complying with cleaning guidelines and recommendations set by our Green Lake County Health Department. 
  • The DRE and Catechists have been instructed on the proper cleaning of our facility and will follow a cleaning checklist before/after class concludes. 
  • All Saints Parish Complex is cleaned and sanitized daily with the use of proper disinfecting solutions. Frequently touched surfaces are wiped down daily (ie, door handles, light switches, pews, handrails) 
  • All Formation Spaces: Tables, desks, and frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized at the start of each class and in between the next attending class. (ie, K-5th grade sessions and 6-7th grade sessions on Wednesdays and 8th/9th graders on Sunday) Desks and learning spaces will be set up in an arrangement that allows students to be social distanced at 6 feet apart to the greatest extent possible. 

o Restrooms will be cleaned after each Formation Class.