Hi, my name is Jim Carriveau and I would like to thank father David for the opportunity to speak to you about That Man Is You program.  

This program is available to all men and focuses on the development of male leadership in the modern world.  It gives us time in fellowship to grow spiritually, talk about our catholic faith, and support each other in our journey through life.  The program will begin Wednesday, September 18th in our social hall at 5:30am starting with a continental breakfast, and a 30-minute video presentation at 6:00am, followed by small group discussion at 6:30, and then we wrap it up by 7:00.

This year’s program will be like last year’s in that it will have 10 different speakers including some of the favorites from last year.

I would like to share with you a little of my perspective from this program.  

This will be the fourth year of the program but just my third.

I did not participate the first year because I told myself that I have three young kids and I wouldn’t have time to go to the meeting and get home to help the kids get ready for school.

The next year the program came up, I talked to my wife about giving it a try and attending a meeting.  She had to pick up some of my slack at home with getting the kids ready for school. All of you parents know how hectic the morning routine can be trying to get all your children up, dressed, and fed before school every day.

I can tell you now that since the spring session has ended, I have really missed going every week.   While I was attending the meetings, I found myself praying more and being more self-conscious of my actions and thoughts.  I found myself trying to be more of a disciple of Jesus rather than a disciple of the world. I know that many of the other men that attended feel the same way.  I also know that those of you who have yet to attend a meeting will begin to feel the same way once you come to just one meeting.  

Those of you who attended last year are already pre-registered.  I strongly urge any of you that have not attended in the past or would like to learn more about the program, to stop by at the registration table in the gathering space. Give it a try, you and your family will be glad that you did.