All Saints is committed to providing an academically rewarding Catholic Education for all of our students. Because of this goal, early registration is critical to our budgeting process, essential for determining the amount of staffing needed for the upcoming year, and necessary for predicting other operational expenses. We ask that you please register by February 3rd, 2024. A $100.00 enrollment fee will be applied to your tuition. If you do not re-enroll by February 3rd, please note that your student’s seat in their grade level classroom will not be guaranteed for the 2024-2025 school year. 


Here is the link to apply to ASRCS:

Below are the tuition rates for the 2024-2025 school year. 

Tuition  2024-2025  3 monthly 


9 monthly payments
3K 1/2 day  $3,150.00  $1050 $350
3K All Day  $3,350.00  $1,117 $373
4K  $3,050.00  $1017  $339
1 kid  $3,050.00  $1017  $339
2 kids  $5,337.50  $1779  $593
3 kids  $7,625.00  $2542  $847

                        **Average Cost of Educating a child in 2023 in Wisconsin was: $12,598


The enrollment fee paid at the time of registration secures your students’ place at All Saints Regional Catholic School  This fee is utilized by the Parish to cover the costs associated with securing staffing levels, establishing and committing to facility needs, time spent negotiating contracts for supplies for the next school year, and many other items. The enrollment fee established is reasonable to the costs associated with doing the above and is comparable to others that provide this service.

SCRIP Requirement Fee 

A fee of $100 is included in tuition this year. Families are encouraged to purchase SCRIP and use the profits to offset this fee, plus earn additional money for tuition and the school general fund. Please contact the school office for more information. 

3K-Early Childhood is for children that have reached the age of three by September 1, 2024. Our classroom philosophy for these early learners is organized play, and learning about Jesus. Classes are offered five days a week, Monday-Friday all day. 

4K-Preschool is for children that have reached the age of four by September 1, 2024. Our classroom philosophy is to provide these learners with readiness skills preparing them for kindergarten and their faith journey. 

Tuition Assistance 

Tuition assistance may be available to families in need based on donations and an application process. An email will be sent providing more information on how to apply through our FACTS program. No family will be denied a Catholic education based on any financial constraints or hardships.