All Saints Catholic School 3K program

Registration NOW OPEN! 

Cost: 3K AM program only (7:50-11:00am): $3,150.00

          3K+ program (7:50-3:00pm): $3,350.00

Monday-Friday following the school calendar

All Saints Catholic School welcomes 3 year old’s to our community of learners.  As the first introduction to school, our 3K preschool program will provide  a safe and enjoyable environment in which they can build a foundation for greater learning in years to come (a foundation for success in 4K and beyond,) and will reinforce the Catholic values found throughout All Saints Catholic School. 


Our goals for each child are to develop a love of learning and a love of Christ, to foster independence and grow in social and personal development skills (following directions, cooperation, good manners).

We strive to develop fine and gross motor skills, pre-reading and math readiness skills, language development, and social skills.  We do this through: gluing, cutting and tracing; counting; letter recognition; color recognition; grouping objects; spatial relation; free and group play; and self-help.  Students will also spend about 15 minutes a week beginning to learn some words in Spanish.

On a typical day in 3K your child will experience:

  • Carpet time including prayer, pledge, calendar review, show-and-share, songs, finger plays, and stories
  • Instructional Lesson based on a weekly theme
  • Large Group Activity such as an art project or religion lesson
  • Small Group or One-on-One time working on numbers, letters, shapes and handwriting skills
  • Snack Time
  • Classes in music, art, Spanish, technology, and library time
  • Free-choice Time exploring various centers in the classroom
  • Outside Time/Recess 
  • All day program will provide hot lunch, nap time, and afternoon opportunities






Wisconsin Tax Deduction For Private K-12 School Tuition Expenses The tax deduction is one way the state can affirm the vital role parents play in their children’s education by giving families meaningful choices in where and how children are educated. What is the tax deduction for private K-12 school tuition expenses? Wisconsin Act 20 established a K-12 tuition tax deduction (see Wis. Stat. s. 71.05(6)(b)49) starting in the 2014 tax year. Taxpayers may deduct the private and religious school tuition expenses they have paid, up to $4,000 for each dependent child in Kindergarten through eighth grade and up to $10,000 for each dependent child in grades nine through twelve. The tuition expenses must have been paid on or after January 1 through December 31. You must ask for this deduction. Visit the resources below from WCRIS for more information.

Tuition Assistance