All Saints Catholic School All Day 4K program

4K from 7:50-3:00 pm Monday-Friday

following the school calendar

Cost: $3,050

All Saints Catholic School welcomes 4-year-olds to our community of learners.  As the one of the first introduction to school, our 4K preschool program will provide a safe and enjoyable environment in which they can build a foundation for greater learning in years to come and will reinforce the Catholic values found throughout our school. Our goal is to provide each child with the best start as they begin their faith inspired educational journey. 


Our goals for each child are to develop a love of learning and a love of Christ, to foster independence and grow in social and personal development skills (following directions, cooperation, good manners).


We strive to develop skills that will help them grow and develop as a friend is and focus on teaching them positive ways to communicate and express their emotions and solve problems. Students learn best through play. We provide a sound foundation for early literacy and math skills. Our curriculum will continue to be hands on, we find it important to give opportunities to help children explore their natural curiosities. 


ASCS staff members are passionate about getting to know each student and how they learn and what makes them thrive in school. We provide a nurturing learning environment that is dedicated to providing each student with opportunities to express themselves and use their imaginations.  As staff, we will foster opportunities for children to become responsible, independent, and confident.  


On a typical day in 4K, your child will experience:

  • Carpet time, including prayer, pledge, calendar review, show-and-share, songs, finger plays, and stories
  • Interactive Science lessons
  • Lessons teaching about community service 
  • Large Group Activity, such as an art project or religion lesson
  • Small Group or One-on-One time working on reading and math skills 
  • Snack Time
  • Classes in music, art, Spanish, technology, and library time (twice a week)
  • Free-choice Time exploring various centers in the classroom
  • Outside Time/Recess 
  • All-day programs will provide hot lunch, nap time, and afternoon opportunities



Contact us to learn more about our 4K Preschool Program!